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  • Public interactive performance in which a narrow band of red linen “tape” was woven on a portable hand-built loom over the course of 10 hours
  • Location: outside the Portland State University Library

  • Adaptation of Persephone’s descent into the Underworld, as told through the lore of a former industrial iron forge site
  • Performed by dancers, speakers, and live musicians on the beach of a human-made lake
  • Made with Valley Traction performance collective

  • Part of a workshop: Composition as a Shared Method between Collaborative Art and Agriculture
  • Used performance scores as means to explore connections between the two fields
  • Made with summer apprentices and student farm workers at the Dickinson College Farm
  • Film created with attendees of PSU’s AssemblyTV  2021
  • Paired a 25 minute audio recording with zoom-grid video footage from each participant’s space
  • Together we imagined sheep 
  • Collaboration with Danielle Moser
  • Interactive sculpture originally created to shelter two rejected lambs, where they were bottle-fed multiple times a day to gain strength.
  • Collaboration with Danielle Moser
  • In-process project
  • Exploring the revival of domestic flax-to-linen production in the United States. 
  • First portion of project deals with one week of labor performed in Oregon’s Willamette Valley
  • Made with Shannon Welsh and Dr. Jennifer Kling
  • Adaptation of Our Town’s etheral and liminal Act 3. 
  • Two cuts of a silent film that included the text of the Act played within an installation in the storefront windows of the Carlisle Theater in Carlisle, PA.
  • Made with Valley Traction Performance Collective with support from the Carlisle Theater
  • Notes left behind while repairing a set of dining room chairs
  • Applies a common practice for fine antiques (tracking the history of repairs) to utilitarian furniture
  • Made with the Elston family
  • Livestreamed variety show inspired by 1980’s telethons
  • Made with Valley Traction, The Carlisle Tool Library, and community music submissions
  • Digital archive for documentation of work done with borrowed tools
  • Materials in the archive are sourced individually and communally, exploring the potential of an egalitarian archival process within a nonprofit community organization
  • Made with Tool Library members
  • Semi-functional series of works created to explore local spring water sources during pandemic shutdown.
  • Childlike play during isolation at home with a simple resource (water) and materials that were already present in the house
  • An experiment in socially-distant performance, BIOSPHERE 3 took place for two days in Boiling Springs, PA
  • A pre-recorded audio walking tour led visitors from a nearby park along a 1/2 mile path to a sprawling backyard, where they were then guided through six sculptural “biomes.”
  • Made with Valley Traction 
  • “Wildlife drawings” and archeaological materials collected over the course of 5 hours and 28 minutes at a concrete construction site
  • Materials then became research for group movement re-enactments of workers and machinery
  • Public, pay-what-you-can series of sewing workshops in the craft space at the Carlisle Tool Library
  • Attendees explored visible repair and various styles of garment fixing, construction, editing, and embellishment.
  • Co-devised performance inspired by Grant Hart’s musical exploration of the epic poem Paradise Lost in his album The Argument
  • Task-based, nearly liturgical sequence  that unravelled into an evening gathering
  • Collaboration with Kent Barrett
  • A series of edits, scars, and embellishments made on family heirlooms—objects of both known and unknown origin
  • A “document” that holds remnants of many projects, layered into a large, soft book that approximates the size of a set of printed architectural draftings
  • Each time the piece is shown, a new layer of current studio debris is added
  • Series of domestic textiles found at local thrift shops
  • The objects were damaged with fire, and then embellished with thread, dirt, paint, and broken glass
  • Explores damage and repair as a storytelling devices that can expose ambiguous narratives
  • Made at Vermont Studio Center
  • 3-part series of interactive sculptures on Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River waterfront
  • Made from chain-link fencing, scavenged plastic bags, and computer cables
  • Large, human-scale vessels were inspired by urban waterfowl who adapt to build nests out of human-made garbage
  • Craft-based meditation on women’s physical labor in Harrisburg, PA 
  • Constructed from donated and scavenged work clothing, wool waste from an inustrial fiber mill, kevlar, and a soiled paint dropcloth
  • Made with the help of Lydia, John, and Christin at Gurdy Run Woolen Mill in Halifax, PA
Information Fibers
  • Computer cables as a textural experiment in woven objects
  • Wall hangings and vessels, made of deconstructed digital refuse
  • Physical  explorations of structure, weight, color, and textile drape
  • Installation and collection of sculptures that explored basket weaving techniques, waste, and the process of decay in the high desert of southern California
  • Made with support from The Mojave Preserve National Park Artist Residency, The Chemehuevi Reservation, the Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum, Leroy Fisher, Sugie Fisher, Abby Eddy, and Weeji Claw