Carlisle Tool Library Telethon


live-streamed telethon-style community event

made with Valley Traction, The Carlisle Tool Library, and community music submissions

In this video collage of original video shorts, pandemic confusion, cooped-up energy, silliness, and our collective need to feel close to other people collided. The Telethon occurred near the date of the Tool Library's cancelled spring fundraiser. We broadcasted live online from various pod-households, invited several guests, and hung out online while we all tried to save the Tool Library from a big, bad hypothetical bank. Fortunately, a meteor crashed in and saved the day just in time. 

Original compositions: John Smith
Featured musicians: Stable Shakers, Ratchet Effect, Sara Markowitz, Matt Steiman
Special guest: Pat LaMarche
Hosts: Nate Smith and Jessica Smith