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  • Adaptation of Persephone’s descent into the Underworld, as told through the lore and history of a former industrial iron forge site
  • Performed by dancers, speakers, and live musicians on the beach 
  • Made with Valley Traction performance collective

  • Workshop: Composition as a Shared Method between Collaborative Art and Agriculture
  • Used performance scores as means to explore connections between the two fields
  • Made with summer apprentices and student farm workers at the Dickinson College Farm
  • Film created with attendees of PSU’s Assembly  2021
  • Incorporated a 25 minute audio recording, paired with grid video footage from each participant’s space
  • Together we imagined sheep 
  • Collaboration with Danielle Moser
  • Interactive sculpture originally created to shelter two rejected lambs, where they were bottle-fed multiple times a day to gain strength.
  • Collaboration with Danielle Moser
Linen: from Coast to Coast
  • In-process project
  • Exploring the revival of domestic flax-to-linen production in the United States. 
  • Research and development is happening in southeast PA and Oregon’s Willamette Valley, among other locations.
Here Town
  • Adaptation of Our Town’s etheral and liminal Act 3. 
  • Two cuts of  a silent film that included the text of the Act played within an installation in the storefront windows of the Carlisle Theater in Carlisle, PA.
  • Made with Valley Traction Performance Collective with support from the Carlisle Theater
Reviver Notes
  • Notes left during the process of repairing a set of dining room chairs
  • Applies a common practice for fine antiques (tracking the history of repairs) to utilitarian furniture.
  • Livestreamed variety show inspired by 1980’s telethons
  • Made with Valley Traction, The Carlisle Tool Library, and community music submissions.
  • Artist-founded vessel for documentation within the Carlisle Tool Library
  • Materials in the Archive are sourced individually and communally, exploring the potential of an egalitarian archival process within a nonprofit community organization.
  • Made with Carlisle Tool Library members
  • Semi-functional series of works created to explore local spring water sources during pandemic shutdown.
  • Childlike play during isolation at home with a simple resource (water) and materials that were already present in the house
  • An experiment in socially-distant performance, BIOSPHERE 3 took place for two days in Boiling Springs, PA. 
  • An pre-recorded audio walking tour led visitors from a nearby park along a 1/2 mile path to a sprawling backyard, where they were then guided through six sculptural “biomes.”
  • Made with Valley Traction 
  • “Wildlife drawings” and archeaological materials collected over the course of 5 hours and 28 minutes at a concrete construction site
  • Materials then became research for group movement re-enactments of workers and machinery
  • Public, pay-what-you-can series of sewing workshops in the craft space at the Carlisle Tool Library
  • Attendees explored visible repair and various styles of garment fixing, construction, editing, and embellishment.
  • Co-devised performance inspired by Grant Hart’s musical exploration of the epic poem Paradise Lost in his album The Argument
  • Task-based, almost liturgical sequence  that unravelled into an evening gathering
  • Collaboration with Kent Barrett
  • A series of edits and embellishments made on family heirlooms—objects of both known and unknown origin
  • A “document” that holds remnants of many projects, layered into a large, soft book about the size of a set of architectural draftings
  • Each time the piece is shown, a new layer of current studio debris is added
  • Series of domestic textiles found at local thrift shops
  • The objects were damaged with fire, and then embellished with thread, dirt, paint, and broken glass
  • Explores damage and repair as a storytelling devices that can expose ambiguous narratives
  • Made at Vermont Studio Center
  • 3-part series of interactive sculptures on Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River waterfront
  • Made from chain-link fencing, scavenged plastic bags, and computer cables
  • Large, human-scale vessels were inspired by urban waterfowl who adapt to build nests out of human-made garbage
  • Craft-based meditation on women’s physical labor in Harrisburg, PA 
  • Constructed from donated and scavenged work clothing, wool waste from an inustrial fiber mill, kevlar, and a soiled paint dropcloth
  • Made with the help of Lydia, John, and Christin at Gurdy Run Woolen Mill in Halifax, PA.
Information Fibers
  • Computer cables as a textural experiment in woven objects
  • Wall hangings and vessels, made of deconstructed digital refuse
  • Physical  explorations of structure, weight, color, and textile drape.
  • Installation and collection of sculptures that explored basket weaving techniques, waste, and the process of decay in the high desert of southern California
  • Made with support from The Mojave Preserve National Park Artist Residency, The Chemehuevi Reservation, the Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum, Leroy Fisher, Sugie Fisher, Abby Eddy, and Weeji Claw.
(scenic design)
Open Stage 
Harrisburg, PA

Director: Stuart Landon
Lighting: Tristan Stasiulis
Costumes: Jen Kilander

Scenery built almost entirely from stock 2x4s, scavenged textiles, and secondhand windows.

(wearable illuminated sculpture)
Teatro de la Cuidad
Mexico City, MX

Co-design with Kent Barrett
Director: Charlotte Brathwaite
A Midsummer Nights Dream
(scenic design)
Pendragon Theater
Saranac Lake, NY

Director: Karen Kirkham
Lighting: Kent Barrett
Costumes: Kent Stread

Found material set built in the woods of a nature preserve in the Adirondack mountains.

Spiegelgarden Bar (installation design)
Rochester Fringe Festival
Rochester, NY

Sculptural installation with found lighting on the festival grounds
Spitfire Grill
(scenic design)
Arthur Storch Theater
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY

Director: Ralph Zito
Lighitng: Emily Stork
Costumes: Katie Tulin
Kinds of Light
(scenic design)
The Tank
New York, New York

Creator/Director: Summer Shapiro
Lighting: Simon Harding
Sound: Sean Brennan

Found material scenery with interactive paper, drawings, and small sculptures

Ring of Fire
(projection surface design)
Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater
Grand Lake, CO

Director: Michael Querio
Scenery and Lighting: Kent Barrett
Costumes: Jesus Perez

Sculptural, multi-panel 3-D projection screen created with white glue, dirt, spray paint, and over 2000 sheets of recycled copy paper. This piece was meant to evoke the bark of local aspen trees—utilizing a familiar visual language shared between the theater company and its local community.

Butoh Electra
(scenic and costume design)
Irondale Center
Brooklyn, NY

Adaptation: Jordan Rosin
Lighing: Evan Gannon
Handwoven Costume Elements: Timothy Westbrook 

Painter’s plastic covered the entirety of Irondale’s 40’ x 60’ performance space, enveloping the performers and audience in a clustrophobic, sliced-up fishbowl.

Needle and Thread

Instructive zine used as a teaching tool in ART 216: Sewn Construction at Portland State University, during remote learning of spring 2021.
The Gospel According to James Baldwin

Hand-drawn graphite illustrations completed for a 4-issue, postal print edition of Meshell Ndegeocello’s project The Gospel According to James Baldwin. Issues were available to the public free of charge for a limited time, accompanied by a call-in musical composition.

Graphic Design: Becca Meek
Director: Charlotte Brathwaite
Socal Forms of Art Journal
Issue 5: Pedagogy

Learning by Hand describes the experience of learning to weave Pennsylvania Dutch tape by using a book during the pandemic when human contact was limited.  The learning process was transformed from into broken prose from hastily taken notes and photos. The text is accompanied by an interview with the book’s author and local tape historian, Susan Faulkner Weaver.
Assembly 2020: The Borrowed Tool Project Archive

An introduction to the Borrowed Tool Project Archive, as presented at PSU’s Assembly 2020. The Archive is a project started by the artist as a vessel for communally-sourced documention of work done with tools borrowed from the Library.