For Now My Companions


Mo Geiger with Danielle Moser
Additional Contributions by Matt Steiman and Harmony Esqueda

Based on a spiral-bound book originally made for field notes, this weatherproof, portable publication documents 2 years of sheep-related research and art projects made in collaboration with Danielle Moser. As a living history, it is contained within a project called SheepKit: a Fluxus-style box of narratives, prompts, and learning tools that is now housed with the other livestock tools at the Dickinson College Farm. This printed publication was supported by the Cumberland County Historical Society and served as Mo’s graduate publication in the Art and Social Practice Program at Portland State University.
snapshot of Winter 2021 cover, designed by Laura Glazer

AssemblyTV Guide


Schedule and event guide for AssemblyTV: which appeared in 2021 as a week-long version of the Portland State Art and Social Practice program’s annual social practice conference called Assembly. The layouts were inspired by old TV Guides and sharpie zines. In a time of constant pandemic exhaustion, this printed and digital guide was an attempt to feel more connected by using the things we already had available, combined with levity and a quick+dirty aesthetic.

Co-conceived and designed with Laura Glazer and Diana Marcela Cuartas
Cover Illustrations by Shelbie Loomis
Event Ads designed by each student who presented
Planning organized by Becca Kauffman

Needle and Thread


Instructional zine designed and drawn to be a teaching tool for ART 216: Sewn Construction at Portland State University (during remote learning of Spring 2021)

Class instructor and zine maker: Mo Geiger