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I’m Mo. My artwork is interdisciplinary and often collaborative. In this combined approach, I explore how the ingredients of labor and other forms of what people “do” affect various relationships. My projects tell stories that connect people with the places, materials, and systems they interact with, asserting that tactile learning with and from others is a necessary method of relating. Often, my inspiration comes from uncovering spectacular things that are left-behind or discarded, and this means searching for histories, hidden worlds, and people who are passionate about their own webs of unique knowledge. I develop work with context-specific perspectives to identify active but often overlooked elements wherever I am. 

Mo’s artwork, research, and designs have appeared in public spaces, local organizations, galleries, theaters, and museums. In each of her projects, she uses de-centralized collective methods to make space for art in unconventional places. Recently, she received an MFA in Art and Social Practice from Portland State University, where she honed skills in collaboration and site-awareness. She makes work within a personal art practice and as a member of the south-central Pennsylvania performance collective Valley Traction. Want to collaborate or view more information? Inquire via email and visit the links below.